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A new ad campaign set the tone for a corporate identity facelift for Checkmate Powerboats.

"Our goal with the new advertising campaign was to showcase our boats in a way where they would really ‘pop’ on the page. We wanted Checkmate Powerboats to stand out above the competition. And do they ever! I was very impressed with the quality of creativity from the folks at Radius. I know a lot of thought and effort went into these layouts. Feedback from the ads been terrific, and I’m happy to report inquiries coming into Checkmate have been higher than expected."

President and CEO
The crew here at Radius has many interests and hobbies, including boating. So when we got the call from Checkmate Powerboats, we dove at the opportunity to collaborate with them on a complete strategic marketing plan. Checkmate was looking to establish a new brand image after Doug Smith took over the helm as the new Checkmate Marine President.

Doug had seen some of our previous work, and was impressed with several websites we’ve created for other clients. Most important on Doug’s radar was a new website that showcased Checkmate and their products. We quickly got to work. An updated website now consists of tons of really cool boat photos, detailed product listings, manufacturing/warranty info and a pretty neat feature where you can actually design your boat and Checkmate will build it to your specifications.

Trade show graphics and imagery for the client to use at boat shows was created. A transitional catalog was developed. And a naming system for new boat models was established.

Lastly, new print ads were developed and a P.R. campaign launched in the middle of '09.

Doug has even taken to blogging. Feedback has been great and the communication between Checkmate and their customers have opened up several exciting new opportunities.
Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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