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Radius tailored a promotion branding campaign specifically tied to B’laster racing. The B’laster logo is splashed across specially wrapped race cars, trailers and fire suits. Billboards at race tracks, a dedicated website for the racing team, a public relations program and promotional giveaways (including clothing) are part of the promotion.

“Over the years, as we’ve added more drivers to the B’laster team, we’ve gained added exposure at the tracks and it’s created an opportunity to promote the B’laster brand to our core customer – the racing fan! Radius has been a tremendous partner for us and their enthusiasm for our race team and dedication to promoting our corporate identity within the racing community has been outstanding."

President and CEO
As you can imagine, working on the B'laster Racing account has been quite exciting for our team. As avid car enthusiasts, many of us really dig the live racing action of motor sports, especially since the Summit Motorsports race track (in Norwalk, OH) is pretty close to us here in Cleveland.

Since starting work on the B’laster business several years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in many activities B’laster has a passion for. And one of them is the NHRA circuit. B’laster has sponsored many NHRA drivers over the years, and 2010 should be another banner year, supporting many outstanding drivers who’ve won several races in the past.

And not only are the B’laster racers good at what they do, they are also terrific product endorsers. Not only do they use B’laster products on their cars, at the track, in their garages, and on their own personal cars, but they also speak to and about B’laster at events, races and at special appearances. They truly great ambassadors for the company.

At Radius, we’ve had a hand in promoting B’laster racing. In 2007, B’laster celebrated their 50th Anniversary. In support of this tremendous feat, we tailored a special promotion that tied in the racing team with the 50th Anniversary. All race cars and trailers were all wrapped with a special Anniversary theme. In addition, we produced billboards used at racing sites, created a B’laster racing website, and promoted the Anniversary and B’laster company with giveaways at the track, trade show displays, and a public relations campaign highlighting B’lasters participation in NHRA. Drivers also wore special Anniversary clothing, fire suite, hats…all promoting B’laster racing.

As one of the B’laster slogans states…
"Nothing moves faster than B’laster"…including their race cars!
Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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